On to Term Two

So, the holidays are over, as is the first week back to class, and it seems that this semester will be just as hectic as the last, perhaps more so. I have two new classes—Heritage and Society, and Socio-Cultural Methods (both Anthropology classes)—and am continuing with my (technically two-part) public history class. This semester I will need to work on my thesis proposal and present it, do primary research for the War of 1812 iPhone App and write my portion of the content, as well as various other assignments/essays.

Now that my GRA is done I have moved onto a GTA contract. I will be TAing an introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology class. This will involve attending classes and doing the readings, holding office hours, leading some in-class discussions, as well as marking reflection pieces, essays, midterms, and final exams. I’m interested to see how this experience will go as I had never really considered teaching, at least not in a school, as a profession, but I am really excited to try it.

This term I am also hoping to take up recreational skating and squash. Hopefully these will become continuous healthy leisure activities that will also work off stress from classes. I am also hoping to start learning more Spanish as I received the complete Spanish edition of Living Language for Christmas from my parents.

In the next couple of days I am hoping to meet with Dr. Gilliland from the Geography department to discuss the possibility of utilizing GPS and GIS in order to track the movement of visitors at Huaca de la Luna for my thesis project. If I haven’t mentioned so previously I have decided to restrict my research to only one archaeological site museum now so that I will really be able to get an in-depth grasp of what is occurring there.

Here is hoping for another good term, and a wonderful beginning to 2012!


About alisondeplonty

I am an Archaeology MA student at The University of Western Ontario, studying the complex interactions of actors and actants, and their effect on the visitor experience, at the archaeological site museum Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, Trujillo, Peru. Public historian and public archaeologist at heart-- dissemination is key!

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  1. jennifersnelson

    Squash is a great sport to get into! Definitely recommend it!

    Let us know how TA’ing is – I never got to do that but always wanted to give it a go!

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