Monthly Archives: March 2012

Time keeps getting away from me.

So, its half way through March. I thought February went by quickly!

This semester has just been one thing after another. Marking for my TA assignment– midterms and essay proposals, work for the iPhone app my public history class is producing the content for, a conference style critique presentation, an essay proposal, coding data about my MA thesis for an assignment, research ethics board proposal, research proposal for the department, and Ignite Culture. Of course, all of these things have been time-consuming, and have made the past month go by ridiculously quickly.

Ignite Culture was AMAZING! Props to all those that presented and helped out, but especially props to Jenn Nelson. The whole event was well executed, the venue was great, the audience was supportive, the networking went well, and I even presented. A basic run down of what Ignite Culture is: speakers have 5 minutes to present on a topic of their choice, they get 20 auto advancing slides that switch every 15 seconds, and that is it! You have to be on the ball because the time goes by extremely quickly. If you aren’t paying attention your slides can get away from you very easily and you have to play catch up, or come up with something on the fly.

I spoke about the importance of storytelling and you can watch my talk here. I do have to say it was nerve-wracking once I was up there, PowerPoint was finicky at first and flustered me but it got sorted. I hit a snag in the middle, but it all worked out in the end.

I also attended Ignite London this past week. The speakers were wonderful as well, and my team for the opening activity won third in the duct tape fashion contest (hurray!).

As I mentioned above I was working on my research ethics board proposal for my MA thesis over the past couple months and handed it in last Wednesday. It was from my research ethics board proposal and my SSHRC proposal (which was handed in this fall) that I came up with the first draft of my research proposal for the Anthropology department. MA candidates have to hand in and defend a research proposal in late March to early April so that members of the department and their advisers can get an idea of the direction the candidates project is taking. It also is used to make sure that the proposed project is feasible. It includes details about what your project entails, your hypotheses, the methods you plan to use, your site selection, a reference list, and any other information you think might be important in explaining the reasons for your current direction. I emailed my supervisor my second draft today. I am really hoping that the defense goes well.

Otherwise, I am mostly plugging away on course work, TA duties, and thesis prep. There is always so much to do. Luckily classes are almost over and I will be able to devote more time to assignments and getting things ready for my trip to Peru. Almost unfortunately the weather has been amazing, making it very difficult to stay inside and work. I don’t want to say I hope the weather takes a turn for the worse, because I really don’t care for all the rain London tends to get in the spring, but cooler weather would at least make it more appealing to be inside where it is warm.