Monthly Archives: May 2012

I was wrong.

So, when I thought I would have more time to post once classes and TA duties were over I was wrong. Over the past month I have moved in with my boyfriend, completed my research proposal ‘defense’, have been working on my Spanish, started getting things together for Peru, and helped my parent’s find a new place.

My move went smoothly, unfortunately the two of us have lots of stuff so we have had a bit of difficulty getting everything put away– particularly my clothes. We are in desperate need of a dresser but have yet to find one (let alone one that we like). My parents have decided to move to L.; when they came down for a family gathering my mom handed out resumes and in turn got a job. We then proceeded to find them a place close to her new job, which she starts next month. They move next week so they have spent the last little while packing and trying to sell things. Hopefully their trip here and unpacking goes smoothly.

My research proposal ‘defense’ led to a few new avenues to consider with my project, which I will flush out a bit more over the next month and a half. I leave a week into July so I have some time to find more articles to bring with me, work out my lines of questioning, and continue improving my Spanish. A friend of mine has also been trying to learn so we plan on talking to one another for practice. In all it is coming together and I have started to buy supplies for my research (including multi-colour pens!).

I’ve also started running again. I have to say I missed going out first thing in the morning, it just seems to set the day up to be more productive and just brighter in general. There is a small little forest path close to where I live so I have worked out a route that allows me to go through it a few times. It beautiful, and I have seen a couple of bunnies and a raccoon while running– and listening to Harry Potter– in Spanish.