GPS Tracking Test, Take 2!

On Tuesday, while shopping for AK’s trip to excavate in Hungary, I came up with an idea for how to have participants in my research carry the GPS trackers. I found some colourful carabiners, binder rings, and name tag pouches and thought I could MacGyver something useful. My original plan was to punch a hole through the one front portion of the name tag holder so I could run a binder ring through it and one of the holes that are part of the name tag holders original ‘construction’– I hoped this would keep the pouch closed, I was then going to put the carabiner through the ring so it could be attached to something on the person. Unfortunately, the pouches were slightly too small for that.

The next flaw in my plan was actually being able to open the binder rings. It took a lot of time, pain, and persistence but I was eventually able to open them– one by painful one. Once the ring was opened once it became much easier to open it after that. There was still the slight issue of how to hook this onto the pouch and keep the pouch closed so the tracker wouldn’t fall out.

I noticed that there was ample room to punch a small hole in the pouch to the side of the GPS tracker so I decided this would be the next best course of action. Of course, I didn’t have an actual hole punch so I used a staple remover to cut a small hole through both sides of the pouch. The binder ring fit through the hole easily and I clipped the carabiner on. It was much more secure than I thought it would be, and the plastic didn’t tear at all. And finally, to close the pouch so the GPS tracker wouldn’t fall out, I taped down the top flap of the name tag holder where a lanyard or string would normally be attached– there was only some cheap scotch tape in the apartment so I used that but will need to get some better tape if this is the route I choose to go in the end.

This time I only took two of the trackers with me so I could save the other pouches for when I had an actual hole punch. The route turned out a bit better than last time, but one of the units did a few random off shoots. They didn’t last long at all so I’m not overly worried about it at this point but I’ll keep an eye on it as I do more tests at home and in the field.

This is what I MacGyvered to carry the GPS trackers by clipping it to something instead of having to hold it.
‘Look Ma, no hands!’


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I am an Archaeology MA student at The University of Western Ontario, studying the complex interactions of actors and actants, and their effect on the visitor experience, at the archaeological site museum Huacas del Sol y de la Luna, Trujillo, Peru. Public historian and public archaeologist at heart-- dissemination is key!

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